HELP before this laptop get dumped

Sup Folks.

I was given my brothers broken laptop its a Advent Modena M101. Os is Windows 7 32bit home edition

The poblem was it would load past boot options and a underscore would flash on the top left of the screen and the screen would light up slightly. Well that was pretty much it.

I was able to enter the bios and change the boot up from Hdd to Cd/dvd.

He didnt make a recovery disc when he first turned on the laptop so i had to download one from a torrent site


When i restarted it asked me to strike any key. Windows loading flashed then a loading bar ran across the screen. All looked well the trade mark blue windows screen came up and it it asked me to select my keyboard language and click next but nothing happened just the blue windows screen came back.

I waited approx 20 mins and nothing happened. I restarted again held the boot recovery key and was given the option to enter safe mode. Same thing happen like the last paragraph. After i was shown the choose your keyboard language again a black screen appeared with safe mode in all 4 corners and nothing else.

Sorry in advance if all of that sounded jibberish but any advice you could give would be reatly recieved.

Thanks lads.
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  1. pull the HD out, slave it to another system and test it.

    Check the seating of the RAM as well...

    Spend the $$ and get the factory recovery disk and load it up.
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