Gateway sits at splash screen

I am trying to get a gateway back up and running. The original MoBo failed so I ordered a certified refurbished one from a Skyline Engineering. The one I got I could not get to post so I sent it back. They responded to me they tested it and said that it does work. So they sent me a new one that was tested before it left and they told me it works. I got it installed it I get one beep and sits at the gateway splash screen. I took a known good config and all its parts put it onto the new motherboard and same problem. Any ideas?
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  1. How did you determine that the original problem was a motherboard failure?

    Also, am I to understand that you have to of pretty much the exact same computers?

    You said you put all the parts from computer B into computer A. Did you try putting everything from Computer A into Computer B as well?
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