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Display problems...

I've been having these problems for quite a few days now.

One problem is that every once in a while this happens to my desktop:!365&parid=37F6971F60922495!363

I'm also getting a problem with Flight Simulator X. This is how the UI is supposed to look like:

But this is what mine sometimes looks like:

I also get BSODs saying that there's something wrong with nv4_display.dll
I found a vid on YouTube on how to fix that but it didn't work for me.

I'm using XP SP3 and a GeForce 7950GT with the latest drivers.
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  1. You definitely have a video related problem and one that appears to surround the driver. However, sounds like you are current on the Nvidia drivers (please confirm that you are running the latest from How are your GPU temperatures at idle and under load?
  2. Are you monitoring the temperatures of your CPU and GPU? Overheating GPUs can cause artifacts and crashes. Use something like CPUID HWMonitor to make sure you don't have heat issues. Also, if you haven't recently, clean the dust out of your case using canned air.

    Bur if your temps are fine then I dunno. Does it require a reboot to make it go back to normal?
  3. My GPU reaches 90C under load. Is that too hot?

    The highest temp I've recorded for my CPU is 71C after a few minutes of P95. My CPU is a C2D E6600.

    And yes, I'm using the 285.58 driver from

    The problem goes after a reboot.
  4. That is quite hot. I would suggest you need to cool it down. Look at your airflow and system cleanliness. Also, verify that your GPU fan is actually turning!
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    pckitty4427 said:
    My GPU reaches 90C under load. Is that too hot?

    Yes, and while the GPU can take that temperature, it isn't good to run your GPU at that temperature. You probably have dust clogged in the heatsink fins of the GPU & CPU and also the front intake and back exhaust ports. I suggest a can of duster that is approved for use on electronic equipment. Pay attention to those heatsink fins.

    Of course there is no guarantee that will fix your problem, but your GPU will love you for it.
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