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Hotmail id blocked

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November 17, 2011 3:54:26 PM

something got into my contact list & was sending advertising & promotions to all my contacts & i believe was going into their lists as well BOOM ! IWAS BLOCKED : ( still am) now some1 else created my acct many years ago as i was still a novice at computing etc now it was them that answered "what is your favorite domestic animal"etc &ive lost all contact with this person 2 help me out. Now im trying 2 fill out the questionaire from hotmail but icant seem 2 supply enough info 4 them &i understand that more the 1 try the more suspicious hotmail becomes. i have a poor memory &dont really remember my last messages & dont have a back up list 2 back me up 5yrs of emails lost help pleeeeeze

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November 17, 2011 9:35:53 PM

Hello lutin;

You're the victim of a Hotmail hijacking.

Can you give Hotmail staff a list of your email contacts?
Ask if they would accept one or more of those people as a reference.
Of course you'd have to contact that person(s) and ask permission for that type of reference.
November 28, 2011 2:47:55 AM

yours is the only reply so far thus i didnt clk best answer &as i stated b4 in my request my c list was not written or stored elsewhere so 4me its a slow process &gathering the information due 2 a variety of circomstances so im replying 2 u as requested in your communications 2me this site loox interesting &ill get back 2 it sometime later when i get these present difficulties sorted i was tempted fill this page with all those smilies.... but..... dont have the time