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Hi, I have an old Intel Pentium D 920 processor that I would like restore by buying a new motherboard and better memory.

Here is one mobo that I'm eyeing: ASRock G41M-VS3 Socket 775

My question is, what type of memory does this processor support? From the intel website, does FSB=800Mhz mean that the maximum RAM the Pentium D 920 supports is a DDR2-800Mhz? I wanna know if this 2GB DDR2 RAM would be compatible with my build:

Or does it not matter what kind of memory I get as long as it can fit onto my motherboard? That is, would DDR3 memory be compatible with my very old processor?

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    DDR3 would not work, DDR2 on the other hand will work, That FSB means it pretty much only supports DDR2 800, So that ram would work in that link. You could always go and get DDR2 1066 but it will down clock to 800mhz, And if you say get DDR2 667 it wont down clock, and it wont clock its self up to 800, it will stay 667. Just get that DDR2 800 and your good 2 go.
  2. I had the older Pentium D 830. it lasted me quite long but if ur looking for upgrading the motherboard and memory of that thing, and if you're on a budget, go for an APU + an AMD board + DDR3 memory. DDR3 memory prices are very cheap now too, and i think it's the same price as the DDR2's. You can get an APU for about +80.00 and of course ur already looking for a board and memory so that's about +80.00 on top of what ur willing to spend already. but then of course u might run into the issue of the PSU compatibility (20 pins / 24 pins) ... i can't exactly remember, but it's worth a shot looking into... and i'm pretty sure the APU would run circles around the Pentium D.
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  4. Thanks for your replies :) I'm gonna stick with the 2GB DDR2 ram
  5. imchant said:
    Thanks for your replies :) I'm gonna stick with the 2GB DDR2 ram

    Hello imchant, I would advise you to pick another board, that Pentium D Only supports DDR2 from all the forums I am reading, If you are getting that board and do not have the Pentium D 920, get a C2D or something else. But if you want to stick with the Pentium D 920, look for a board the will support it and DDR2 memory.

    Sorry I didn't look at the board in the link.

    Edit: You want a board like this, this is kinda small, but will work on that Pentium D 920

    Wouldn't get this, but I don't know what kind of stuff you want on the board.
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