Xbox 360 connected to PC monitor bad sound quality

I've connected my 360 to my monitor and the graphics are working just fine but I have had a hard time connecting my sound and have looked up some info on it to use the 3.5mm jack that I got from amazon and connect it into the line in. Anyway, that doesn't work, but I've plugged both my generic speakers and the 3.5mm into different ports and the audio seems to work, but it is very very bad quality.

Is there anything I can do to improve sound or does it rely only on the jack that I'm using? I am using a VGA cable btw which isn't hte best quality
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  1. ok I think the problem is that it wouldn't work when I ported into the line in, I've tried everything to get it to work. Originally the line in slider didn't show up when I would open my volume mixer so I had to click "listen to this" on the line in tab to show the mixer. Now I put the volume slider all the way up for the line in but its still not working, any help pleasE?
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