3 beeps error- help please

I just built my pc. When i attempt to boot it, I hear 3 beeps (all 3 are short, but the third seems a higher pitch). I looked up the beep codes for AMI and found that it would be a 64k ram failure.

I reseated the ram, with only 1 in at a time, tried different slots, and even bought 2 new sticks of ram. I am sure that the ram is not hte problem. (I also tried with no ram in the slots and there were no beeps).

my questions

- do the 3 beeps(2 regular and 1 higher pitched) even mean that it is a ram failure?
- what do I try next / whats the problem?

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  1. try with another VGA
  2. You need to provide more details as to what the hardware you have. Mobo, CPU & RAM.
  3. mobo- msi h61m-p21
    cpu i3 2100m
    ram ddr3 1333 2x2 gb
  4. SkyWalker1726 said:
    try with another VGA

    I was talking with a comp expert and he also said to try with another vga.

    So, theoretically if i were to take my vga card out and use my mobos integrated graphics, should it run?

    edit: i just found out my mobo doesnt have integrated graphics so scratch that idea.
  5. if it did have integrated Graphic adapter , yes it should have worked .
    borrow one from a friend and try to boot with it
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