Am i missing something?


So im almost ready to buy my new pc after hours and hours of researching.

Im going to be using it for gaming mostly.

Anything in my line up i've got wrong?
I plan on Overclocking.

Core: i5 2500k

Mobo: Asus p8z68-v\gen3 or Gigabyte z68xp-ud3p? Searched everywhere couldnt find a answer.

Memory: 8gb (4gbx2) Corsair Vengeance LP CL9 1600 or Kingston Hyperx CL9 1600?

Graphics: GTX 560 (the ti version is to expensive, does AMD do a alternative to the 560ti?) plan on buying another when get money.

PSU: Tacens Valeo III 500w (Already Owned)

SSD: When i have money.

Buying a CPU cooler for when i overclock.

Monitor: BenQ 22" LED

Any help would be great. planning on buying tomorrow. my budget is 800 Euros, this comes to about 760.

Im buying from Not the cheapest place but only round the corner from me.

Any help is awsome.

Thanks, Serathian.
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  1. The 6950 is the alt. to the 560ti, but around the same price. I'd suggest the 6870 over the 560. It's slightly faster, but slightly cheaper. Unless you really need PhysX and CUDA. Also, get 4GB of RAM. For gaming, 4GB is the standard.
  2. Cheers For the reply Obsama1.
    That will lower the price a bit too might be able to chuck in a SSD now.
    Or get a better Graphics card.

    Still not sure about the Mobo if anyone could help?

    EDIT: What does PhysX and CUDA add to my Games?
    Im playing things like WoW and Kingdoms of Amaluar.
  3. Well, PhysX adds dust/particle effects, but few games implement it. WoW doesn't.
    Here's a pic:

    And CUDA? If you're using Maya, Premiere, and video editing/graphic design software, it speeds it up considerably. It doesn't add to games. AMD uses a CUDA alt. called OpenCL, which is an open standard, but gets less support.
  4. Ahh well not much use for me then.
    Thanks for your reply again obsama much appreciated.
  5. Thanks.
    Would you recommend any RAM especially for Overclocking ?
  6. Overclocking RAM doesn't give a big performance boost. Just get some good quality RAM at 1600MHz and if you want you can overclock, but like I said, you won't notice a big difference in games. Here's 8GB for $30, but it's 1333Mhz.
    Here's one that's $40, but 1600MHz
  7. If your building a gaming computer you generally want to spend more on the gpu that the cpu, not the other way around.
  8. Ivan1984 I would agree if i was playing Mass effect 3 and Starcraft.
    But Wow isnt a Graphics hungry game nor is KoAR. i dont have a need to pay 500Euros for a GPU that i will only use 50% of.
  9. You only really need a good CPU for WoW because in huge raids, it will tax every core of a CPU. The i5 & 6870 is a killer combo and will rip through every game.
  10. Make sure you get a heatsink that vents the heat to the side and out of the case, not a silly huge fan that circulates the heat onto your components. My 2 cents.
  11. Was thinking th D14, just repriced it all up and saved a bit of money, would i reinvest it into a better GPU or get a SSD? thats assuming that my i5 2500k and mobo are perfectly fine?
  12. GPU. SSDs aren't worth it. Not enough storage. It's a tradeoff between HDD. Speed vs Storage. Invest in a better GPU.
  13. Hey mate thanks for all the replys been alot of help.
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