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Emergency help needed

You guys are awesome - been here for years not offering help, but needing some help now.

System specs are below, but just in case they aren't, listing them here.

Story is, my video card went out, and I plan on building a new system starting in March, but can only do it piecemeal due to the funds and the wife. I want a video card that will be compatible with my nVidia Nforce 680i SLI motherboard, but one that will also play the latest games at a reasonable level when I upgrade everything else...including a new motherboard. My max budget is $200 for the video card. My current rig:

Motherboard - you know what that is
Memory - Corsair DDR2 800 2x1 gig
Processor - e6700
Cooler - Scythe Infinity
PSU - Thermaltake Toughpower 750 watts
Case - I'm keeping my Thermaltake Armor case. I love it, it's huge and airy.
GPU - 8800GTX - R.I.P. What a great card it was - 5 years of excellent functionality and joy.

After I purchase the video card, I will probably buy 1)Windows 7 OEM home edition for $100 and more memory in March, and then 2) the motherboard and processor as well as after-market cooler as the last purchase in May. My thinking is that with Windows 7, I can increase my memory capacity and DX 11, then I can get more memory which will certainly help, and then those can be carried over onto my completely new machine when I get my new i7 or i5 processor and whatever motherboard I need to get. I don't overclock, and that's the way it is, and I never will.

So what GPU can I get now that will serve me well on my next rig? The research I've done so far includes the GTX560 and the Radeon 6870 as the top choices. They just need to be backwards compatible with my 680i motherboard.
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    GTX 560/HD 6870 are your best choices(6870 is faster but overall,I prefer the driver support of Nvidia more).Both should work perfectly fine on your motherboard since PCI-E 2.0 is backward compatible with PCI-E 1.0(but ask from the manufacture to be 100% sure)

    And yeah I remember 8800GTX,It was easily the best card I've ever owned :) Didn't have a single issue with it.
  2. yes the hd 6870 and gtx 560 is backward capatible with pcie 1.0 slot and even the gtx 580 can also work with that slot but the fact is that the 2.0 slot give little bit more performance then pcie 1.0 but dont be nervous that it will not work it will work and that performance issue doesnt matter just go for an sapphire hd 6870 the sapphire products are cheaper in price and better in performace.:)$164.99
  3. I have more praise for the 8800 Series, Both of my 8800 GTSs are still going strong, I have one in my media center. :)

    But for you a 6870 would get my vote, unless you can find a sale on a 6950, but the cheapest I have seen in a while is $220 after rebate, so you may not find one that fits your budget. If you can, the 6950 is a great card.

    And like everyone else has said, you shouldn't have any compatibility issues
  4. Just FYI when the time comes: you would end up having to buy more memory AGAIN when you upgrade your mobo/CPU. So when you get the memory in March you will only have it until May, because DDR2 is not supported by most mobos.

    Just keep your current memory then get new memory (DDR3) when you upgrade the CPU/mobo.
  5. Thanks, guys - and for the reminder about DDR3 Swoz. I was worried about backwards compatibility and then wanted a card I could at least use for a year, maybe two. Thanks for the link on the Saphire. I'm only married to what works best for me - not a manufacturer. I've owned both ATI and NVidia and liked them both.
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