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PCIe bottleneck in trifire?

I'm in the process of building a new computer and got a sweet deal on a 2500k/p8p67 pro bundle from microcenter.

My intention was to sli 570s, but after doing a little reading (I'm neurotic, don't judge me) I found that a slightly more attractive option was to run a 6870 x2 and a normal 6870 in trifire (price and performance upgrade).

My question is about what affects running an x2 card, or trifire for that matter, has on pcie lane usage in a board like a p8p67 pro. I know that running two cards cuts the lanes from x16 to x8, but I can't find information about what a trifire setup like this would do.

Any information or comments welcome, thank you for your time.
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  1. I think the p8p67 has the 3rd one that runs at x4
  2. no, with this setup, I'd only be using the two pcie x16 slots, as one of the cards is a x2 gpu card. my issue was about what kind of lane usage that would be. thank you for the answer though :)
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    OH does the board support triple sli? Also x16 and x8 have 1% difference in performance.
  4. it advertises supporting tri and quad sli/xfire (using x2 gpu cards), but I wasn't sure how using an x2 gpu card affected the pcie lane use, and then, by extension, three gpus all vying for bandwidth.
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