Slower Start-up on SSD sata3?

i recently bought a sandybridge i5 2500k GIGABYTE UD3, 120 GB vertex 3. i am running corsair XMP 1333 CL9.

I have windows 7 ultimate.

I have 2 notebooks that run sata2 that I can compare my start-up time with.

Asus G73sw i7, OCZ vertex 2 120 GB. that has a 17 sec start-up.

Toshiba i5, OCX PETROL 120 GB that has a 15 sec start-up.

and my pc is some where in the 30 second plus range.
This test is done from BIOS flash to desktop.

all please tell me what to do next to fix this?
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  1. Comparing across different systems starting from the BIOS splash screen is not a good idea. Each of those computers has different components that take different amounts of time to initialize, and can cause significant variance.

    You should only compare to the exact same system to prevent these kinds of variables from giving you a false impression about the actual speed, which I'm betting is what's happening here.

    Instead of measuring from the splash screen, stop each computer at the boot menu (where you choose what device to boot from), and measure from the time you select your hard drive. This will avoid accidentally including time totally unrelated (and usually uncontrollable) to your OS or SSD.
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