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I would like to build an Ubuntu Server. I will use this server to learn/practice coding as well as a personal web host. I will pretty much only be connecting to it via SSH and FTP/SFTP. I have some spare parts which are listed below:

* AMD Athlon II X2 250 Regor 3.0GHz
* 2 x 1GB DDR3 RAM

Basically I just need the motherboard, case, PSU, and hard drive. I would like some suggestions for these parts, preferably the cheapest possible from any (good) site and a slim case to tuck and hide away; a hard drive of about 40GB is also ideal. Also, what other things should I consider when web hosting?

Side note: The coding will be to learn some web programming and technologies to get acquainted with them. I want to connect via SSH to code w/o and IDE and because I will not have a monitor connected to it.
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    this case is one example of the low end htpc stuff from newegg. This is a better one: but many of these cases have loud fans, so you may want to replace them.
    I recommend this biostar motherboard: A880GZ am3+ for $64.99 at newegg (link broken). I use biostar in both my amd systems, and their service is good.
  2. And that MOBO will work well with Ubuntu Server? Just asking because a few months ago was trying to build a Linux desktop and no distros could get the LAN drivers working. It's possible that the LAN was damaged but still asking. :)

    Also, what other storage can I use? Lots of hard drives I see on Newegg are overkill for what I would like to do. I do have some external hard drives I don't use, so would buying an enclosure kit be an option?
  3. Check craigslist for new or used hardrives. Some folks have saved the older 250-400 gb drives; be sure they're sata and not ide; many newer boards don't have ide ports. External drives work fine, but you won't find one at a decent price. They're priced about the same as internal drives; the Taiwan floods have reduced inventory of all drives; they're still trying to catch up. If you don't need much storage, I recommend an ssd. 60 gb are close to $1 per gb after rebate. I've used ocz and patriot brands. They're virtually silent, and you can install them with mounting tape inside your pc like the stuff made by 3M (sticky on both sides). I have also installed them in a side fan open space, using just two screws. They're so light that 2 screws will hold them fine.
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