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I have a terrible 2006 Pentium D 925 (3ghz)

it's an LGA 775 socket, so I decided that I should upgrade to the best LGA 775 socket CPU I could find, unfortunatley I'm on a budget and I can't afford a nice Core 2 Quad.

Anyway, I'm thinking of getting one of these Dual Cores.

I can't decide which one as they all seem almost exactly the same.

E5800 Dual Core 3.2Ghz (I'm like 90% set on getting this one)
E6600 Dual Core 3.06Ghz
E6700 Dual Core 3.2Ghz

All running LGA 775.

So I have a few questions:

Which is the best option?

Will these even work?
My Motherboard is OEM from like 2006(I think), but it IS LGA 775
(Motherboard is: Acer E946GZ)

(Please don't just shout "get a new motherboard", I don't have a lot of money, in fact I have 0 source of income and I can't "save up" because again, I have no income of any sort.)

Okay so yeah,

Can I install a modern LGA 775 CPU with no problem? will it work? will I need to re-install windows?

Are these CPU's compatible at all? if not, then what is compatible that's better than the Pentium D?

And btw, I'm upgrading because my Pentium D is completely bottlenecking my ASUS GT 440.

Thanks in advance :D
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  1. There's not a lot of information on the web specifically about that motherboard (Google is your friend you should try it).

    One site (http://www.fixya.com/support/t6910556-acer_e946gz_board_wondering) - talks about trying to put putting in an E4700 and having that work but the E5200 failed to post.

    I'm sure for any upgrade you're going to have to upgrade your bios.

    My suggestion would be to try to find what the newest bios is for your computer and see if it lists cpu compatibility.

    But then again if you have no income should you really be worrying about upgrading?

    Update: According to this site (http://forums.redflagdeals.com/socket-775-core2duo-cpu-intel-946gzt-chipset-acer-system-ecs-mobo-627246/) the chipset on the motherboard is limited to the E4XXX series - E5XXX is not supported.

    The last item in the thread says the E4700 is the fastest you can get for it.

    Hope this helps.
  2. is that e4700 that much better? also if i got a new mobo, could you reccomend one, that would support something like e6xxx
  3. What is your budget?
  4. AcerPower FH series : Intel Core 2 Duo processor, up to 3.8GHz, 533/800MHz system bus.
  5. iixwh3l4nxii said:
    (Please don't just shout "get a new motherboard".)

    Unfortunately, this would be the simplest and safest option for upgrading a system with OEM motherboard since most have severely limited CPU support.
  6. das_stig said:
    AcerPower FH series : Intel Core 2 Duo processor, up to 3.8GHz, 533/800MHz system bus.

    So you're saying it can support any Core 2 Duo up to 3.8Ghz(and 800mhz bus).

    This is great news, but could you please post your source, I don't want to go rinsing all my money on a CPU if I can't use it.

    And my Budget is £50, so... yeah, however I could stretch to £65 max.
  7. I'd recommend looking into the core 2 upgrade. If you can get a E7600 within you budget that seems to be your best option.

    The best I can do for a whole new platform that would be a major upgrade is £87. The 7600 would be a bit faster - this build's primary strength is that it's very upgradeable.

    motherboard £36

    CPU £31
    *this is roughly equivalent to a core 2 duo E7500.

    RAM £20
    *there are some cheaper 4gb and 2x2 sticks, but this is the cheapest I could find in the UK that I'd be willing to recommend.

    good luck!
  8. I purchased an E4700, it arrived yesterday, should be getting the Thermal paste this morning, i'll post here(hopefully using the E4700) and tell you how it went.
  9. Just a suggestion, but couldn't you pickup a cheap Q6600?
  10. hammerhead2008 said:
    Just a suggestion, but couldn't you pickup a cheap Q6600?

    there aren't any.
  11. Sorry to bump but who knows this could help someone searching google I guess

    The e4700 worked! No problems...
  12. I tried an E5200 in my AcerPower FH, it DOES NOT WORK!
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