Will my cpu bottleneck my gpu

I was plan on buying a HD 4870 to replace my crappy HD 5550 and was wondering if it will be bottlenecked by my CPU, it currently is a Athlon x2 4400+ 2.3ghz (Will be replacing in the future but will require new mobo, in which I cant pitch out for right now). My resolution is 1680x1050 and the games I will be running are like Aion and what not.
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  1. Why a 4870? How much are you paying for it. Its is on par with the 6770 but is limited to dx10 and draws a heck of a lot more power. As for the bottleneck, I would say slightly but should still be able to run aion at 1680x1050
  2. It is kinda hard to say whether it will be bottlenecked by your CPU, but my gut feeling is probably not much if at all.

    I had a 4870 paired with an Athlon 2 x4 840 and it wasn't bottlenecked at all, but that is a 4 core processor that is like 50% better than the 4400+ 2 core.

    Anyway, if live close to a micro center, you can get the Athlon 2 x4 840 and a low end gigabyte board for it for like $80 in total. You might want to look into it. I use that processor and it does really well considering my processor + motherboard costs less than most people's motherboards alone.

    Also, I have a 4870 I can sell you for pretty cheap if you want.
  3. @zooted I was actually gonna buy one cheap used. As for your question on why not the 6770, well simply haven't done much research, nor do I know its price range. Also since its a stronger card, wouldn't its chances of bottlenecking be more likely? I also know that card I currently have will prolly run Aion but not to what I want.. if you knew then could you tell me how much better it would run it while being held back by my cpu

    @Raiddinn I bought a GeForce 550 Ti awhile back and it was pretty bottlenecked by the cpu, but I was only playing League of Legends at the time and was all I rly cared about, I returned it about 3 days later (There was no increased frame difference and infact it was getting worse frames). Unfortunately I don't have a Micro Center near me.. I just checked. Will you message me though about the 4870 you have to sell.
  4. I wouldn't say the 6770 is more powerful, they have similar perfomance. So the bottleneck (if any) will be about the same. How much are you paying for the 4870? I personally wouldn't spend more than $50 for it.
  5. I've seen several on sites for like 40-70 bucks. I'm just being sketch about which one to buy. One more thing I'm not really sure of is how bottlenecking really works.. Is it certain games bottleneck and some games dont, or no matter what will the cpu always be bottlenecking the gpu.

    Keep in mind also that I had recently bought a GTX 550 Ti and it was bottlenecking LoL at the time, I had like 15-30 fps compared to my normal 30-60. So atm I'm just trying to match up a decent gpu with my current cpu while still be able to upgrade in the future and it still be somewhat able to keep up with some of todays games.
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    The 6770 and 4870 are pretty much the same performance wise and the 6770 uses a lot less power to do the same amount of work since it is 2 generations ahead (4xxx, 5xxx, 6xxx).

    The 6770 is normally about 90 - 100 in my experience, and the 4870s about 50 - 60.

    Bottlenecking - It depends on the game. Some game companies make their games lean more toward the CPU side so the game runs better on older computers. Others try to offload as much as they can onto the video card assuming whoever plays it will have a good enough card.

    The processing power of a video card is like having 20 regular processors, but usually it is only dedicated toward displaying graphics.

    However, it is possible to use video cards to act as regular processors too, if you have special drivers for them. Hackers, in particular, like to do this because they can make their video cards break encryption. One computer with 4x GTX 580s can do it just as well as 100 computers can, and for a whole lot cheaper too.

    As for the rest of us, we mostly just do our processing with our processors and video with our video cards.

    As for how well these cards will keep up with today's games... I would never suggest to any serious gamer even with a low budget to get something worse than A8 integrated graphics which is not too far shy of the 5870/6770. If you want to play games at reasonable frame rates you should probably try not to go far below this level.

    Anyway, you could do a whole lot worse for $50. In fact, the $50 spent on an aftermarket 4870 is about the best way a gamer can hope to spend $50. Many people pay that much just for RAM. It doesn't get much more bang for your buck than that.
  7. Ok, so my final question/confirmation is.. They will be no cons in getting the 6770 with my current cpu. In other words they will be nothing holding me back from the performance I'll get from the 6770 then I would get from the 4870 since I'm matching up on such a old cpu. Lol my silly logic is old cpu + older card = performs with less bottlenecking. But I figured that wasn't right. I understand now that its about which game it is and will perform accordingly. BUT please just say yes go with 6770 so I don't derp!

    @Raiddinn Also if that card offer is still up, I would like to keep it on hold incase I can't find a reliable 6770 to purchase in my price range.
  8. ^I can't say that it wont, It may but not significantly. You can always overclock to help out some.
  9. If you can get a 6770 for a good price then its the better card in pretty much every respect.

    The 4870 was beastly in its day, but that day was quite some time ago. Three generations even. Now it is just a powerful card you can get for really cheap in the secondary market.

    The offer stands, its not going anywhere.
  10. Alright, thanks you two. You been a big help!
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