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GTX 460 VS GTX 550TI

Last response: in Graphics & Displays
January 17, 2012 3:54:07 AM

GTX 460 VS GTX 550TI is a confusing matter.
Why NVIDIA introduce GTX 550TI though it's slower than GTX 460? :sarcastic: 
What is the new features introduce in GTX 550TI? :sarcastic:  :sarcastic: 
What is the pros of GTX 550TI?
:sarcastic:  :sarcastic:  :sarcastic: 
Can anybody describe this thoroughly.........

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a b Î Nvidia
January 17, 2012 4:05:31 AM

None. Its just a new card. Why would you think its faster then the GTX460? Even the slower 768MB GTX460 is faster then the GTX550. If you can get a GTX460 its the better card.
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January 17, 2012 4:12:06 AM

Pretty much everybody will tell you that the 550ti is just a terrible card it terms of price to performance, especially in the shadow of the much more capable but not much more expensive 460. Maybe if they were 30-40 bucks cheaper but at that price, pass.
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a c 164 U Graphics card
a b Î Nvidia
January 17, 2012 4:20:20 AM

I wouldn't say it's a bad GPU, just not what people thought it would be. It's not a replacement for the GTX460. It's fairly equal to the 5770. I usually tell people to buy the cheaper of those two cards as they perform pretty much identical. It's biggest issue is price as it normally costs more then the 5770. If you can get it cheap enough its an ok card. But its not a high performing card like a GTX560TI or anything like that.
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January 17, 2012 4:51:41 AM

gfx card hierarchy chart:
gtx 550ti (192 bit) is an update of gts 450. nvidia set it to compete against radeon hd 5750/6750 and 5770/6770. it trades blows with 5770/6770. gtx 460 (256 bit) 1 gb is more powerful than the aforementioned cards.
550ti is overpriced for its performance, uses more power than 5770/6770 but delivers almost similar performance. get's outperformed by hd 6790, gtx 460, hd 6850.
only pros would be cheap (for nvidia cards) card that has support for cuda and physx.
January 17, 2012 6:50:56 AM

Ok which raedon cards beet gtx 460
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January 17, 2012 8:23:07 AM

de5_Roy said:
radeon hd 6850 performs head to head with gtx 460 (256 bit) 1gb but uses less power (reference design).
radeon hd 6870, 6950 outperform gtx 460 1 gb.

The GTX460's performance is on par or greater than that of the 6850 @ stock vs stock
The GTX460's Perfromance is greater than that of the 6850 @ OC vs OC

Basically, they're f**kin awesome.