AMD A6-3500 & Gigabyte a75m-d2h

Hello all !

My recent upgrade is this amd APU, the listed MOBO & win7 64bit.

I have what I see as a strange bizzare and unexpected result when using the hardware daily.

Keeping it brief, my output from the box is HDMI. Simply HDMI 1 on the TV is cable and HDMI 2 is the PC. (Audio&Video) When I swith from PC to Cable viewing and then return I get the win7 dialog that sez you have disabled audio do you want to configure or it sez you've chosen a display that has no audio do you want to configure Device Mgr shows ATI HDMI Audio & Realtek high definition audio as well under sound/video etc..

I would think that since the tv monitor is not being shut off the connection to the PC should remain undisturbed. I'm told by the powers that be at gigabyte and AMD that the PC sees this as removing the monitor from the system. THis just doesn't seem right to me. HDMI 1 & HDMI 2 are used like a glorified A/B switch.

I'd appreciate any info yu'd have to offer.


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  1. Well, that wasn't completely clear for me, but I have it worked out. I thought you were talking about two different outputs from your PC.

    You said you wanted to keep it simple? Sheesh.

    How about this:

    "When I switch my TV from one HDMI source (cable) to another HDMI source (PC) I get an error that says I have disabled the sound"

    No, they are not a glorified A/B switch. HDMI is bi-directional. It is DIGITAL in nature. This is for digital rights management. It would be up to your TV to maintain that connection while not in use, and apparently it does not do that.

    Perhaps an HDMI switch would resolve this, not sure.
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