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I want to hook up my two VGA monitors to my dell Pc, so I can work on one screen while browsing on the other. I have an AMD Radeon HD 6450 graphics card with 1 vga, 1 hdmi and 1dvi-D outputs. Does any one know what adaptor/converter/splitter will work to allow me to do this??? I have tried a DVI to VGA adaptor but this obviously did not work since my card has a dvi-d out put not the standard dvi, i have read that dvi-d is for digital signal only and is not compatable with the analog VGA, is this true? I called dell tech support only to find they want $150 to answer my question. PLEASE HELP!
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  1. your dvi to vga adapter would work just fine.. at least it always does for me.. go into your video settings( or resolution as 7 likes to call it ) and enable the second monitor.. extend desktop to this monitor.
  2. Dell is tryin to rip ya off!
  3. unfortunately I have a DVI-D output which does not support anolog vga. and as far as i can tell nor does hdmi. Will a VGA splitter allow me to hook up two screens in span mode, or where i can work on one screen while navigating on the other???
  4. or does it just show the exact same thing on two screens?
  5. Two screens, same thing.

    Are you sure you have a DVI-D card? Those are very rare. Make sure you have a DVI cord. Should support DVI A as well.
  6. its definately DVI-D, digital only, no analog.
  7. Thanks for the help!!! looks like i have to buy a new monitor with an HDMI or DVI-D input.
  8. I just noticed my computer also has a standard dvi output however it is part of the computers integrated system not part of the graphics card, when I plug the monitor in nothing at all happens and thecomputer will not recocnize it no matter what I do, however if I restart the computer an error message pops up onto the second screen (standard dvi). Is there a way to make the graphics card recognise this port so that I can run dual screens without having to buy a new monitor?
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