Radeon 6770M HDMI Output

I have a brand new HP Pavilion DV7 Beats Audio Edition with a Radeon HD6770M Video Card. When I hook my Laptop up to my Samsung P2770HD Display, the picture is grainy. I changed it to 1920x1080, and it is still fuzzy, and part of the screen gets cut off. My problem is, I used to have an Old Asus EEEpc Netbook with HDMI, and 1080p output was crystal clear and crisp on this TV/Monitor, and it was gorgeous. Now I cant get a machine I paid 3x as much for to even display correctly. What gives? What might I be doing wrong?

Laptop: HP Pavilion DV7 w/ Radeon HD 6770M Video Card

Display: Samsung SyncMaster P2770HD

Output: HDMI

Notes: I have tried 3 differing qualities of HDMI Cable, from cheap, to the $80 Overpriced Monster Cable in my Home Theater.
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  1. Probably issues with the driver, update all the drivers.

    If you still has the issue, go and ask HP technician.
  2. Ive discovered that Catalyst Control Center isnt even recognizing my monitors. And in the device tray in the corner, I see the Intel HD Graphics icon. So How do I tell the computer which program to use?
  3. Tell an HP technician to disable your HD graphics, I have a nvidia dual graphics system and until now I can't disable my HD graphics.
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