New build wont post

just got a asrock 990fx extream3
amd fx 3.6 quad core cpu
8 gm patriot ram
using old sata 1 250gb hdd x2
500w ultra psu
ati radeonHD 6750 graphics

it seems to power on it all lights up and all fans are running, there is a click sounds like its coming from my hdd's but the screen remains blank i cant get it to post anything on screen
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  1. sorry if i overlooked that, but thanks for the link it got me running in minutes, in my case i forgot to lock the cpu into posistion i just locked the fan over it. thanks again kudos to you sir
  2. I have a similar problem. Did you computer crash once or twice before and then fail for good on like the third crash? If that's what happened can you tell me what the problem was when you fix it?
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