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Suggestions for a good graphics card for this budget build

I'm looking at the Powercolor HD 6850 for $148 but I'm open to all other suggestions. I'm on a budget so I'd rather not spend more than $160.

My system would include:
Gigabyte H61
4GB DDR3 1333

Monitor: BenQ 2420HD running at 1080p

I'm not looking jaw dropping visual quality, just smooth FPS (>=40) for GTA IV and V, Crysis 2, LA Noire, BF3, MW3, Just Cause 2, Far cry 3, Fall out new vegas, Black ops, assassin's creed 2 and the rest etc...

Many thanks!
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  1. In your budget i recomend you 6870 : 145$ after rebates.
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    this would be good and can maxed out all your games in 1080p but if you can collect more $5 you should get one hd 6870 at the price of $165-170.:)$149.99
  3. for GTA IV, MW3, Just Cause 2,Black ops you need a card above 6770
  4. If the main use is gaming drop the i5 for an I3 and spend the cash on the GPU.
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