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Mixed signals on CPU temp

I have a 4100 zambezi with 970 extreme3 Mobo and the BIOS is telling me my CPU temp is 54C idling while Core Temp and HWMonitor tell me my temp is a perfect 20-30C. Can anyone explain to me whats going on and what I should be going by? Thanks
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  1. I would trust the bios monitor program rather than hwmonitor. I use coretemp; you might try that.
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    There are a number of different temperature points which can be measured. Each IA core has its own thermal diode as well as the PCIe controller, memory controller, integrated graphics and cache. These temperatures will fluctuate very rapidly as they are the source of the heat itself. There is also a thermal diode on the package which shows a more aggregate measurement as well as additional thermometers that the motherboard manufacturer may install. HWInfo will monitor as many of these as it can and label them as such. The system firmware often only measures one or two and doesn't tell you what it is measuring or how it is measuring it.
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