My first build

This is going to be my first build and i wanted to know what you would recommend to build a gaming rig.

not needed: keyboard, mouse, monitor

so far i have:




as for everything else i need im totally clueless.....----->noobee (brother is an engineer and will be helping me)

this build will take a couple months...i want to oc gpu and cpu....gpu will be 580 or 590 gtx

there is a budget: $1500-$2000

if someone would kindly direct me in the right path it would be appreciated! thanks people
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  1. Check out my $1100 build here:
    Just don't get the case and PSU.

    I'd switch the card I suggest however with the GTX 680 since you have money to spend. It's the best single card available right now.
    Wait until they release and come in stock and you'll be good to go. Here's a review:,3161-20.html
  2. Gtx 580 ($409)
    I5-2500k ($179)
    8 gigs of ram ($29)
    1 tb hard drive ($119)
    Cooler master elite 430 ($49)
    Dvd burner ($17)

    The total is $809+tax+shipping (add another $100 for windows 7
    This build will be able to max out most games. I chose not to get the Gtx 680 because I can not find any that are not sold out from Newegg. I also have not seen any good reviews for it.
  3. Sorry I would also add an Intel 520 ssd.
  4. make that $1000-$1500 build....wife got upset lol
  5. thanks for your replies really appreciate it!!
  6. Ok well check out my $850 build, then just sub the video card for the GTX 680.
  7. Check the builds in my sig :)
  8. would any of these coolers you guys are suggesting allow me to oc the gpu and cpu?
  9. it...gonna go with the hyper 212+ =)
  10. Just saying, I have heardpeople get 4.6 GHz on a stock cooler with the I5-2500K.
  11. Would not suggest stock cooler at all. Mainly because you'll get way high temps. I honestly wouldn't push it passed 4.3ghz on the stock cooler mainly because it doesn't handle heat well. Though adgj is correct, people have pushed the i5 2500K to 4.6ghz on the stock cooler. There is always cons though, heat being one of them.
  12. so heres the setup:

    case: cooler master 932 advanced
    psu: corsair 850w tx v2
    gpu: evga geforce 680 gtx
    mobo: asrock z68 gen 3 extreme 3
    processor: i5 2500k
    cooler: cooler master 212 evo or +
    ram: 8g cosair vengenace
    HD:1 tb western digital cavier black
    SDD: dont know yet

    so will this build work in a cooler master 932?
  13. Yep looks solid.
  14. any suggestatons on a wireless card? its not gonna be wired and no room next to the router.
  15. Umm not really not a big wireless guy. Probably seek some recommendations from others. I'm guessing this would be fine though.
    Great reviews and still 5 star after 1000+ reviews
  16. Your motherboard has a wireless card on it. You should just use that.
  17. ^ It does not. The motherboard comes with Ethernet. Not the same thing.
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