^950 inf file not found driver error!

Every time I try to install new drivers for my card I get INF file not found error its taking the piss. Every time I want to play a game I have to uninstall and reinstall the old drivers.... Sigh* any solutions atall?
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  1. I would do it manually but your best bet is to run driver sweeper or CC Cleaner to remove all traces of drivers then re install the card.
    CC Cleaner is a little more advanced and will do more than Driver sweeper.
    To keep it simple follow this link

    Instructions on how to use included.

    Any questions please just ask.

    Mactronix :)
  2. its not working still I keep getting the inf file error. The problem is everything is laggy so I have to UN-install and reinstall the driver every time I restart the pc and this is getting really annoying not only this but I have to down-date to a lower version of the driver which is not compatible with the higher versions of direct x and this is taking the literal piss out of my life and career.
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