AMD cpu stuck to stock heatsink

Im tring to replace my stock cooler with a gelid tranquillo v2. I have unclipped the hsf from the brackets, but the heatsink wont part from the mobo, as the termal paste is now like concrete. Pulling doesn't work, it wont twist what so ever. I have heard that alcohol on the contacts between the cpu and hsf may work, but also that heating with a hairdryer may work. I am not going to try stressing by Prime95, as I cannot be bothered to reconnect again
haf 912+
phenom 2 1075T
GB GA 870A UD3
4gb ram
amd stock cooler
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  1. unplug the fan, go into the bios and look at hardware monitor, wait for it to get to about 50C, and try again
  2. Has this been tested???
    The stock heatsink with the fan is pretty crap, without I think it will overheat very fast, and wouldn't a hair dryer do similar?
    I just dont want to take any risks.
  3. just turn it off when it hits 50C, it dosent heat up that fast
  4. It still wont budge.
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    First, try twisting the heatsink back and forth if you haven't already.

    If not, then yes. 90% or better isopropyl alchohol does work - soak the heatsink contact area in it for at least 5 minutes, then get some dental floss and start at a corner of the processor/heatsink contact area and gently floss it. As you go along the processor go back and forth while applying force in the direction away from the corner where you started

    good luck!
  6. How do I soak it?
  7. just drip the alcohol on the contact area.
  8. Update: I cant even get to the contact plate, as the stock cooler has fins around the plate.
    look at this:
    The plate is so wide that the bracket gets in the way.
  9. Used a hairdryer, twisted it with my strong hand and it came off like a dream.
    Turned out I was using my left hand. Thanks for the help.
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  11. congrats!

    If you ever run into a similar situation, you can use a medicine dropper to get the alcohol to the contact area.
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