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So, I just got a manufacturer refurbished ASUS M4A87TD/USB3, and am using a phenom II x4 965 BE in it. Now, when the computer is idling, the temps for all 4 cores and the CPU temp are all around 32-36 C. On full load, however, the core temps go up to around 60 C, while the CPU temp only goes up to 50-52 C. I want to know whether I should go by the core temps, or the CPU temp.


Btw, I am using HWmonitor to get the temps, but I have tried many other programs and they all give the same readings.
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  1. I use the CPU temp in HWMonitor for security, because the core temp slightly different between the cores, and another security in the Bios only use CPU while not entirely correct temperature
  2. I had a simlar problem with my phenom II x4 940, the core temps would idle lower then the CPU temp, but at load the core temps would be higher then the cpu temp. AMD said that the max safe temp is 62c, and that is for the CPU temp. Not the cores.

    I should of kept that email, I answered so many questions about the core vs cpu temp. Intel is more accurate that AMD on the cores.
  3. I believe the AMD PhII processors only have a single sensor no matter how many cores. That's why all cores read the same. Nevertheless, I always prefer to watch core temp because I think the temp of the core(s) is more important than the temp of the case it's in (Tcase).
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