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Hey, I need to build a small business server, for my mother's company, the current requirements are:

Manage data transfer from 5 points and should be powerful enough to handle more computers accessing the server, mainly data transfer, stuff like, sales, inventory storage management and what not.

So, what I'm not sure about, what parts to buy to make a decent server that can handle those tasks and some growth, since I'm currently running the server of VM from my pc lol.

Any input would be appreciated.
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  1. AMD FX 8120 8 core processor
    UNDERclock the processor to around 2.2 - 2.4 GHz and drop the voltage until it becomes unstable [ then add a touch more ]

    MB with a 970 series chipset

    16 gig of RAM

    very basic graphics card

    Hard drives as required .
  2. Ok, sounds good, this is also another requirement i failed to add:

    Everything should run off this server as well: Exchange, core business data, etc. It has to run 100% of the time if possible with minimal down time.
  3. I dont believe any particular brand has noticeably better reliability.

    Just set up drives in RAID 1 for data redundancy , and you should be fine .

    Critcal data also needs to be stored offsite of course. Cloud services abound .
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