Ati mobility radeon HD 530v(4350)

Hello everyone:)
Lately i have noticed something "strange" in my opinion.I got a notebook(hp probook 4520) with ati mobility hd 530v(or 4350).I run gpu z and here is the image:

As you can see gpu and memory clock are lower than the default.I found a way to get them back to the default clocks but is it safe to do it? or is it danger? I have also checked AMD website about my graphic card and it says that my graphics card gpu clock is 450 and memory clock is 600 . So can someone explain me what is going on?? :??:
Thanks for readin :) ( i hope i made the thread in the right section of the forum)
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  1. So making core clock to 500 and memory to 700 is overclocking?
  2. Ok thnx for the answers :)
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