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i have decided to buy a new cpu(under 500$) ,mainly for gaming but also for some professional softwares like maya,virtualization etc. ,but im confused between intel and amd ,and ati tcvs nvidia.i have heard there is a compatibility issues with amd is that true?
and if there is any issues will i get a patch for every software?
well what will be the best combination amd and ati/intel and ati/intel and nvidia
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  1. In general, the differences between AMD and Intel are price for performance and personal preference. AMD and Intel don't really have apples to apples comparisons on any of their respective CPUs. That is, if you take the current tech in AMD and put it next to Intel, you won't find an easy comparison.

    This is where the price for performance comes in to play - how much are you budgeting for your CPU (a general question - I'm not really asking you)? Then you take into consideration of other people's experience.

    Since you're asking for a comparison between AMD and Intel, this suggests that you're not too familiar with their products or their history. That said, a recommended plan of action would be to build (or buy) a new system based upon the current NEEDS and then factor in the potential WANTS. Once this is determined, look at what other people have built or bought that share the same needs and/or wants.

    To address your concern about compatibility, consider the following:

    1. AMD has purchased ATI a few years ago, so it is unlikely to find a prefabricated AMD/Nvidia build.
    2. GPUs, as far as I know, are not designed with preference to a certain CPU, so if you wanted to you could install an ATI card on an Intel-based mobo, or Nvidia on AMD. The choice is yours.

    As for patching, GPUs have frequent driver updates, which usually address the unforseen glitches, bugs, or errors encountered after the release of said GPU. Meaning, although the manufacture puts the GPUs through rigorous stress tests before release, they can't test for everything.

    Finally, the best combination is subjective. Declaring the best on just the manufacturer names is rather difficult, if not impossible. With such a large variety of products to choose from, it would be better to ask what peoples experiences are with a current tech, and then go from there. However, any GPU and CPU on the currently on the market can handle any software on the market, the question is how well do you want/need it to perform. Think minimum requirements versus recommended builds.
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