PSU for first ITX build

I'm putting together my first mini-ITX system and I think I may have under estimated the power requirements. I picked an Antec VP-450 ( pretty cheap and was hoping it would be enough to power this system.

i5 3450 - stock, no plans to OC
Gigabyte Nvidia 560ti SOC
2x 4GB DDR3
1x SSD
1x HDD
BitFenix Prodigy Case (fits an ATX PSU)

If the 450w PSU isn't enough, what should I bump up to 500w? 550w?
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  1. I'm definitely going to need a different PSU, as the VP-450 only has 1 6-pin power connector, and the 560ti SOC needs 2.

    Would the Corsair GS500 be a good alternative?
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    You have to watch out in the Bitfenix Prodigy for the max PSU length of 16cm, and that space includes the cables.
    The Corsair GS500 is 16cm long by itself so probably will have a tough, if not impossible time fitting in the Prodigy.

    The Silverstone Strider Plus 500W ST50F-P is 14cm long and has modular cables so hopefully it will be easy to create a tidy build.
    ($75 @ NCIX US / $80 @ Newegg)
  3. Thanks for the help the Silverstone looks great.
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