How much for my computer?

Hi folks

I wanna sell my old computer for one that i'd build myself (newegg)

it's a i5 750, HD 6970 2gb, p7p55d-le, dvd burner, 1 to 7200 hdd, windows 7 64 bits, 4 gb ram 1333. I thought it could be worth up to $1000? (canadian d.)

what do you think? it's been used for a little more than 1 year

thanks :D
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  1. At most probably $650-$700. That's giving you a pretty hefty inflation.

    The 6970 is struck down by the 7870 but still not super old. It'd probably be the most expensive part of your build $300 @ most. The i5 750 is old tech and the i5 2500K beats it by a large margin. Getting $120 is pretty good considering the i3 2100 is at that price but has pretty similar performance. The 1TB still costs a lot since the price hikes. But yeah, you may be able to get $700-800 depending on how ignorant the buyer is about computers.
  2. ok what if parts are not bought on newegg or else but in local stores (which are really overpriced)

    example : 431.99 $ for HD 6970 non-overclocked at a local store

    800 or 900 would be a good price, knowing i've got my hs 4890 to sell, too.
  3. Then 800-900 would be a good mark I suppose.
  4. Hi, "I thought it could be worth up to $1000? (canadian d.) "

    For used, figure nothing for the assembly labor. Used part prices will total higher than total system value. Not sure you get anywhere in the neighborhood of $1000. Unless you have a friend who knows the system and wants it.

    Stepping through the parts:
    case, mouse, power supply, keyboard are part of the system being sold ? = $100
    it's a i5 750 = $135 USD (used, ebay)
    HD 6970 2gb = $250 USD (used, ebay)
    p7p55d-le = $100 USD
    dvd burner = $20
    1TB to 7200 hdd, = $50
    windows 7 64 bits, = $50
    4 gb ram 1333. = $50

    Maybe $ 600 USD? If you sell the video card separately the rest of the system will sell for a bit more combined.

    Aside: this is such a strong system I'm not sure how much better you'll do when you make your own. The i5-750 is not holding you back in games, nor is the hd6970. Consider incrementally refining this system, maybe OC'ing the i5-750 if you get bored.

    aside2: USD and Canadian dollar almost the same today.
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