Gtx560 ti - require additional heat sink?


I am quite the newb computer builder but I have been doing some research recently. I invested in a i5 2500k and a evga gtx 560ti. My friends recommended a additional heatsink because the gtx were known to produce too much heat.

If I do not plan on overclocking at the moment will I still need a heat sink to keep temperatures within a reasonable level?
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  1. No, you don't need. The card allready have an cooling fan. If you have an good air flow on the case it will be ok everything.
  2. Your friends must not understand what they're talking about.

    As sosofm said, the 560 Ti comes with active cooling, and there are plenty of non reference designs available that are both cool and quiet.

    The only important thing is to have good case airflow.
  3. well if you want you can use a cpu cooler called the antec khuler 60 something, seens some guy on other forum who used one to cool his 560ti hawk, since it ran at 80-95, but well if you got good airflow and using one it ain't so bad your choice still but with that your gpu would be really cool
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