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Just last night my fiancé and I installed a new XFX 6750 HD ddr3 graphics card into my computer. It was working fine all last night but just a few minutes ago I was hopping on the computer and the screen suddenly turned hot pink. I have checked all of the monitor connections and they seem to be quite sturdy but I have not checked the connection inside of the computer yet. Has anyone seen this problem with this specific card? Or have any ideas of how to trouble shoot this issue? I'm not sure if it's the card as it was working perfectly last night. Any ideas/tips/suggestions would be absolutely appreciated. I'm new to upgrading systems so I've been doing some reading but most threads state that the card is most likely a bad one. I'll be checking back quite often!
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  1. Its normally a bad connection on the cable or a driver issue. If you have already checked the cable try booting in safe mode. If you don't have the problem in safe mode then its drivers if you do its most likely hardware.
  2. Thank you very much for your reply. We'll try that when we get home. :)
  3. Hiya:
    So we checked the drivers in safe mode and it was still pink.
    After that we removed the card and placed it back in to make sure it was as secure as possible, the screen was still pink.
    Now we have just attached an HDMI cable from my video card to my TV. The TV display is normal coloration, but the monitor is still pink. We have another monitor cable en route to test whether it is a faulty cable or the input.

    Is this the best course of action? Any other advice??

  4. No you are doing right it will be the cable, seen it loads of times.
    If by some chance its not the cable then its the connector either on the monitor or at the PC end.
    99% sure its going to be the cable though.

    Mactronix :)
  5. The cable was the problem! It's a relief but it was mean of the cable to die ~12h after putting in our fancy new GPU. Thanks for the help everyone!
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