Built computer won't start up ( no power )

So I absolutely made sure all cables were plugged in. This is my first build but I went threw the manual. Maybe I missed something idk. My concern was the case power cable to the motherboard. In the manual the connectors are all different and its confusing. Does anyone know what could be wrong?

Using an m5a99x evo motherboard.
700w powersupply
Radeon 6850
Phenom ii 3.2 ghz
2 8gb sticks
2 LED fans
2 normal case fans
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  1. The most likely thing you did wrong (as I have done on nearly every build) is plugged in the power switch to the wrong pins (I mean sometimes the manual has them verticle when they are supposed to be horizontal etc)

    oh and your picture doesnt work, reupload it to imgur or somewhere.
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