Q6600 to a Q9650 CPU

My Quad core Q6600 has seemed sluggish so a friend was kind enough to give me his q9650 he wasn't using anymore. I installed it with the heat sink and cooler that came with my original CPU because it was an aftermarket one that I figured was better than the newer intel one. Anyways it is super loud now. Any ideas?
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  1. Go to BIOS and adjust the fan speed.
  2. Thats what I just thought of. Restarting Now!
    Should be ok though right?
  3. i have three options in BIOS

    Processor Zone Response - Aggressive, normal, slow
    Porcessor Zone Damping - High or normal
    Automatic Fan Detection - Next Boot, Disable, Always

    It is set to normal, normal and disable.

  4. those settings did nothing to help the fan speed. HELP!
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