KVM Switches with Separate VGA and USB Switch

Can anybody tell me if there are any affordable KVM switches (well, any really..) that have separate switches for the USB switch over and the VGA/monitor switch over? I'm using it in the context of a two computer two monitor situation and I will need to be able to switch the monitor over but not the keys/mouse and vice versa. Is there a product like this out there? I'm hoping to pick something up tomorrow at microcenter, or order something online.

Any help is much appreciated!
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    How may systems you need to connect them to the KVM switch ?
    As this time, if you have two systems only, you are only selection maybe the ConnectPRO's UR-12+ (for VGA display) or UD-12+ (for DVI display). You can stack any of them together with a CATx Sync. cable to become mult-head KVM switch.
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