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Have one computer running behind a D-link DI-804HV wirred router, can a D-link DI-784 wireless router be connected to the wired router to connect/feed a second computer running wireless, as for more security for the main computer? Or would this be too messy for the second computer? If not too messy will the wireless router have to be set-up by it's self on the main computer, then the wired router connected back to the main computer then the wireless router connected to the wired router to feed the second computer? Or will this cut down too much from the cable 5 Mbs main cable line/feed?
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  1. Disable dhcp on the wireless router, change its local/management IP to something different from your internet routers IP, and run a cable from the switch on your internet router to the switch on the wireless router. That will essentially make it a wireless accesspoint.

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  2. 1. Would just buying a wireless AP offer better security and/or transmission, D-Link DWL-7100AP, than using the wireless D-Link DI-784 as a AP with the DI-804HV, or the D-Link DI-784 as a stand alone for both computers?

    2. Then that raises the question of using a wireless AP off the wired router, DI-804HV, would that slow transmissions on either the main computer or the computer running wireless Vs just running the wireless DI-784 as a stand alone?

    3. AND which way would offer the best security?

    4. A Gateway wireless tech told me you couldn't use the wireless router with th DHCP server off, but I think I know that's wrong because I've used my DI-804HV with the DHCP server off to run SBC Yahoo DSL before.
  3. 1. I guess I'm asking if running the wireless DI-784 by its self?
    2. The DI-804HV with the DI-784 as a AP?
    3. or The DI-804HV with the DWL-7100AP?

    A. Which would offer the best security?
    B. Which would offer the best security with transmission?
  4. The only advantage of using the wireless router as just an AP would be that you can position it anywhere you want. If you just made it the router for your network you wouldn't have much of a say as to where it goes due to wires. If that wont be a problem just replace ur current router w/ the wireless one, that will save a lot of setup/config hassle.

    There will be no security diff between the 2, nor will there be any performance difference. If you used the wan port on the wireless router instead of a lan port you would have slightly better security but you wouldn't be able to see any of your other comps for file transfers and such.

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