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2012 New PC Configs

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March 23, 2012 2:28:10 PM

Hey guys im from india and this is my 2nd post on Tom's Hardware. From my first post, most of my doubts are cleared, though while surfing the net, some doubts still exists. So, im gonna build my new pc on mid april 2012. Ok, first of all let me list my current build configuration. This Config is around 60,000 Indian Rupees ie somwhat 1,168 USD. I cannot exceed the above mentioned price. So here's the list.

Intel core i5 2500K 3.3 Ghz ( Planning to use Stock Cooler now, and will overclock only after 1 year)

Asus P8H67-M-L-X Motherbord ( Please dont tell to upgrade to P67 bord, which will exceed the limit )

G-skill RipjawsX 1333 Mhz 4GB X 2 ( i'll also consider the Corsair Vengeance 1600 Mhz 4GB X 2 over gskill )

CoolerMaster or Corsair 600 Watts PSU

Nvidia Geforce GTX 560-Ti ( Asus, EVGA , Sparkle)(Also Considering :- GTX 560, GTX 550 Ti, Radeon 6850, 6870 and 7770)

Corsair Carbide 400 R (Also considering, Coolermaster Elite 430 and Elite 431 Plus USB 3.0 )

Seagate 500 GB HDD

Keybord and Mouse Combo ( Microsoft or Logitech )

DVD Writer/Burner ( Asus, LG, Samsung, Sony, HP )

LG 22inch LED Monitor (2260)

700 watts UPS

System Usage :- 3D Modeling and Animation (Maya, 3DS Max), Rendering, Video Editing, VFX ( Combustion ) Adobe Master Collection CS5 or later. Mid-Core gaming in Medium to High setting (Not Ultra) without lagging. Games like Skyrim, Battlefield 3, Battlefield BadCompany 2, GTA IV, Crysis 2 and Games like these, i mean modern super graphics games.

Now the Questions. Please answer clearly.

1.) About Graphics Card:- GTX 560 ti is my current selection. Also looking at gtx 560, gtx 550 ti, 6850, 6870 and 7770. As the 560 ti is exceeding my build, i'll drop the corsair cabinet and will go for cm elite 430 or 431 plus. As u can see my system usage and that im not a heavy gamer, i dont really want to spend for a high end card. i saw a video on youtube
" BF3 maxed out with GTX 550 ti", so whats the point of buying a 560 ti...? So if you guys are not forcing me to take 560 Ti, i may switch back to Corsair cabinet. So please tell me if a 560 non ti or a radeon 6850/6870 will do the job. And, does the card design really matters..? Like Asus GTX 550 ti vs EVGA GTX 550 ti..?

2.) About Processor and MOBO:- I know 2500K is an overclockable. Not planning to buy extra cpu cooler and mobo atleast for 2 years. Current mobo is asus p8h67-mlx. Can i overclock with this..? or atleast can use the turbo boost 2.0 with this mobo..? Now, on my first post here i got the answer that we can overclock with H67. But here in other posts and on the net, i saw that we cannot do that with H67. Really Confusing. Can the stock cooler can overclock atleast to 4.0 Ghz..?. is it must that i should overclock cpu if i want to play BF3 decently..?

Additional Info :- im not able to buy parts online. brands like ASrock is not available in here.
Link to my first post if u want any reference :-
You can also give me parts suggestions.

Thanks in Advance.

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March 23, 2012 10:08:29 PM

#1) Most of the time, it is OK to spend about 25% of the computer hardware budget on a video card. You have 1150ish minus the cost of a monitor. What is that going for? Call it 150. That puts you about $1000.

Keyboard, Mouse, UPS, and stuff goes in the budget too, so maybe 900 left. That puts you at like 180 for a video card and I doubt you can get a 560 TI or 6950 that cheap.

The 6870 is the best card at that price point. I would advocate for you to get this card. That would leave plenty of budget space so you don't have to cheap out too much on other things.

As for which brand, I like PowerColor and Sapphire, but it really doesn't matter. Supposedly EVGA is one of the best ones if there is a good deal on it. In general, though, you are going to get pretty much the same performance regardless which one you pick.

If you have one 6870 that is 1GB vs another that is 2GB, this would cause easy to notice performance differences in some situations, but most of the time the difference amounts to like +25 mhz clock speed out of a basic amount already approaching 1000 anyway).

I would really just ignore the brand and go with the cheapest one.

#2) The P8H67 has regular EFI which means it should be able to OC, but with acceptable boards from the newer generation at about the same price I don't really see any reason to take the step backwards.

The stock fan should be able to get you to about 4.0 with a 2500k as long as the case in general can suck up the difference.

You should be fine with light or no OCing on BF3.

DVD - The Asus 24x in my signature is by far the most solid choice.

If you can afford a Carbide 400r then you should probably be getting a HAF 912. That is pretty close to the ideal case and it is from Cooler Master which they seem to have in India if you are looking at the Elite 430.

PSU - Cooler Master sucks, avoid it. Corsair is good. XFX is better if you can find it. There are only two brands of PSUs under 1000w where you absolutely don't have to research to know you are getting an extremely well built PSU. Those are Seasonic's own brand and XFX (all of which are made by Seasonic).

Not having to research is better than having to research, and getting a definitely good one is a lot better than getting a maybe good one.

RAM - Crucial and Kingston should be on the radar. Avoid the Corsair Vengeance. You will gain little to nothing from the Vengeance over the 1333s. Crucial and Kingston RAM have 3x less fail rate than G.Skill and 5x+ less likely than Corsair's average.

If you ever get around to exchanging the CPU cooler, you should trade it out for a Hyper 212.
March 24, 2012 8:23:36 AM

Another question, please reply. Big Confusion !

Intel core i5 2500K + Nvidia GTX 560 Ti + Intel P67 Motherbord OR,
Intel core i5 2500K + Nvidia GTX 560 Ti + Intel H67 Motherbord OR,

Intel core i5 2500K + Nvidia GTX 560 ( Non-Ti ) + Intel P67 Motherbord OR,
Intel core i5 2500K + Nvidia GTX 560 ( Non-Ti ) + Intel H67 Motherbord OR,

Intel core i5 2500( Non-K )+ Nvidia GTX 560 Ti + Intel P67 Motherbord OR,
Intel core i5 2500( Non-K )+ Nvidia GTX 560 Ti + Intel H67 Motherbord OR,

Intel core i5 2500( Non-K )+ Nvidia GTX 560 ( Non-Ti ) + Intel P67 Motherbord OR
Intel core i5 2500( Non-K )+ Nvidia GTX 560 ( Non-Ti ) + Intel H67 Motherbord OR

For BF3, Skyrim and other applications in the above mentioned post.
My Current Config is 2500K + GTX 560 Ti + H67 Mobo.

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March 24, 2012 9:10:13 AM

Intel core i5 2500K + Nvidia GTX 560 Ti + Intel P67 Motherbord

I would go with that but if you can find a cheap asrock z68 mobo like the z68 extreme3 gen3 or extreme4 gen 3 whichever you can find one cheaper then you can go with this.

If you like cuda go for gtx560ti the cheaper one you can buy is evga but I don't know if you can do that step up program from your place.

even if you won't overclock your i5 2500k and don't plan to buy a cpu cooler in the next 2 years just keep with i5 2500k, you never know what great things you can think up with your head, and suddenly want to overclock.

but if you never really i suggest going with an i5 2400 (not 2500) since its much cheaper and go with a h67 motherboard that should help you out on your choices for the PSU i suggest the corsair TX750 V2 80plus gold (I think this is the one oem by seasonic) which should be fairly more than everything you need and should be cheap, for ram go with G.SKILL. If you can find any good monitor at 150$ price range with at least 23" I assure you that you will never look back at smaller than that. it's like the sweet spot for sweet monitors
March 25, 2012 7:41:25 AM

i Cant afford the first combination i listed, ie 2500K + 560 ti + P67 mobo.

im currently looking at :-
Intel core i5 2500K + Nvidia GTX 560 Ti + Intel H67 Motherbord

I can afford all the rest excluding the first combination ie 2500k + 560 ti + p67

it'll be a waste if i buy 2500k without a p67 mobo.

so i also consider at a bying 2500k + gtx 560 non ti + a good p67 mobo
because i saw on the net that we can overclock gtx 560 non ti which will reach almost the power of the 560 ti version.

also please suggest any combination from the listed config, excluding the first one.

i will also consider bying a 6870 or 6950 if that is equal to the price of gtx 560 and 560 ti.
but, if i buy 6950 i drop the p67 to h67 or 2500k to 2500

And please note that brands like ASrock , Biostar is unavailable here in india, and also cannot buy online.

And, i will surely overclock atleast after 4 or 5 months after bying the cpu. Thanks.
March 25, 2012 7:46:49 AM

If you are choosing H67, get an i5-2400 cuz that board cannot OC.
March 25, 2012 7:58:00 AM

i really want to over clock,

please tell if this is good. 2500K + GTX 560 non ti + P67 Motherbord

so i can overclock both cpu and gpu. the minimum card for BF3 is a GTX 560 or HD 6870
March 25, 2012 8:05:00 AM

Yes, P67 would be better.
March 25, 2012 1:24:55 PM

So please tell me what's the conclusion...?

Intel core i5 2500K + Nvidia GTX 560 Ti + Intel H67 Motherbord OR,

Intel core i5 2500K + Nvidia GTX 560 ( Non-Ti ) + Intel P67 Motherbord.....?

Best solution

March 25, 2012 6:54:06 PM

CPU overclocking is overrated.

I would go with the first one.

560 non TI can make it near to a 560 TI, but a 560 ti overclocked can quite well beat a 560 non-TI whether it is OCd or not.

Feel free to substitute 6870 for 560 and 6950 for 560TI.
March 26, 2012 12:28:50 PM

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