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6950 not working in games

Good day - First time posting.

Bought a 6950 in the fall and it has been working great, until recently.

Was playing SWTOR and didnt notice real issues. Had played with the CCC settings for games - overided the game to force AA which made the game look great. Dont really know what im doing for the settings so i just winged it.

Then i switched back to WWIIOnline after a month or so and began to see graphics bugs. I do not know to describe it exactly .. was a constant jumping of some textures or shadows - here and there and everywhere .. not rendering play unbearable, im pretty patient and willing to overlook crappy stuff, but enough to distract the eyes constantly. I went back and fiddled with the settings in the CCC and no change.

I tried to Screenshot the error but couldnt .. take 20 pics and none of the weirdness showed up, shows up in fraps though.

Wasnt sure if it was a WWIIOnline thing .. or effecting all my games - so i loaded up BF3 which i had been playing without issue before and wow was it ever worse.

Constant moving lines all over the place. Definitely not the case the last time i had played Bf3.

Checked Space Marines too and i didnt get the same lines all over, more like the WWIIonline issue.

The two images below are 1 second apart - note the texture errors in the background of the 2nd screenshot.

So I am thinking .. is it hardware or software ??

I reseat the card.. no change.

I remove the drivers. Which ended up in me having a mostly black screen, in trying to fix that my onboard Lan disapeared. (came back after 2 days when i went out and bought a ethernet card and installed it), eventually went into safe mode where graphics were fine, cant recall how but eventually i got the driver deleted properly and got my display back.

I re-downloaded the latest drivers from the AMD website. - reinstalled - no change to the games.

I uninstalled the drivers again, but didnt get the black screen bug, guessing the first time i removed the drivers it choked somewhere. I removed all my devices, ram, CMOS -- left them out for 10 min, but them back in. Downloaded and installed chipset for the mobo. Reinstalled the display drivers.. no change. Checked for IRQ conflicts - noithing. I downloaded a tool to look at the temps on the card.. nothing stood out but i dont really know much about such things.

I took an old card, ATI 5750 - swapped it in .. ran the games .. no artifacts, lines, weird textures .. everything normal.

Today i reinstalled WWIIonline - no change.

Somewhat at a loss as to explain the errors as anything but a hardware issue .. but maybe i do not know how to properly remove the drivers .. but wouldnt the drivers also mess upt the 5750 if they were messed up?

I experience no issues when not in a game.

Anyhow.... maybe someone will suggest something to me. :) either that or the card suddenly stopped working for no reason .. and i can send it back to the manufacturer to let them figure it out.

I am running Win 7 Home Premium 64
750w PSU

any help or advice would be welcome and i am quite willing to try anything anyone suggests. thanks in advance
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  1. Hey,

    Try installing an older driver. Its possible that the new driver that you have recently added is causing the problems. Go back to a driver released last year and see if that helps. Make sure that you CCC is no longer overiding the games natural graphics setting too. Turn off all of those features.
  2. For some reason your image's are not showing up for me.
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    You've gone through everything that I would think of to try to fix the errors, except maybe a complete reinstall. It looks like your card is having a hardware problem that is bad enough to affect every/most games that put a decent load on the 3D graphics processor.

    If you wipe the system and the card still has problems, I would say that the card just had a 'stroke'. This stuff happens from time to time.

    What are your PSU's specs on the 12v rails(should be on the PSU)+ cpu/mobo you're using? The PSU should be fine, but I like removing every possibility of where the issue could be.

    You could also try downclocking the card through CCC>Under the Performance tab in AMD overdrive, you can set the 3D settings lower. If this removes the artifacts, that will point towards the hardware not handling its stock clocks anymore, which would be a hardware issue.
  4. Removed the driver and went into WWIIOnlione .. same error

    noted no artifacts when i was inside a building and it was dark but when i look out windows i can see the glitch out in the fields and trees .. anyhow ..

    Loaded new - old driver from last Jan .. no change.

    CPU and Mobo (forgot to put it in)

    Intel I7 2.7

    Ultra LSP 750W ATX not sure how to type out the specs .. 12V 45a 540W -12v 0.6a 7.2W

    will try downclocking next.

    I could try a complete reinstall and also i should try the GPU in my upstairs PC and see if i get same results.

    Also should go back into SWTOR .. tried a few hours ago but the login server(s) was/were down.
  5. Underclocked all the way down to 500 .. and no change.

    How hard is it to get a manufacturer to take a look at a card ? As i think that might be the next question that is gona get be anywhere .. altough I am still willing to try anything. Full install aside .. Havnt done one with win7 - can one do the install where you just do the OS and not the data ?
  6. Your card might have micro-fissures in the solder which could cause the things you are seeing. I had a 9600 GT that would mess up the screen just watching Youtube so I did what is called a reflow, basically it softens the solder enough that it will remove any fissures that could have been formed.

    It fixed the problems I had with the card brilliantly and it still runs to this day.
  7. shakl said:
    Your card might have micro-fissures in the solder which could cause the things you are seeing. I had a 9600 GT that would mess up the screen just watching Youtube so I did what is called a reflow, basically it softens the solder enough that it will remove any fissures that could have been formed.

    It fixed the problems I had with the card brilliantly and it still runs to this day.

    Don't recommend that when/if he still has the card under warranty!
    @Zipeh- The PSU should be fine for that setup. I still assume that after everything you have tried, the graphics card is having hardware trouble. Most vendors should be easy to deal with for a replacement. I would call them and ask a tech about the issues; he'll most likely consider the card is dying as well.

    About the reinstall, you could do a backup of the main drive then format and reinstall Win7 on the main drive. If you don't have a second drive to backup, this would be really slow to do with just a single hard drive. It's just nice to get software out of the way before dealing with RMA's.
  8. Sounds like a solution out of my ability range.

    SWTOR pic same stuff - with its own variation - more like WWIIOnline than the lines of SW3

    time for bed ... enough fiddling for one day.

    thanks for the suggestions -- look forward to more tomorrow :)
  9. Sent off a request to Sapphire and got the following response..

    "Looks like the card is having hardware issue, please provide a copy of the purchase receipt and send it to for RMA request."

    Which was quicker than i was expecting, now if i could only find the dam receipt .... figures... :P
  10. Side question .. I have 2 old 5750s (different models if memory serves) - I have never run 2 cards at once .. is this something i could do with my 2 older cards while i get my 6950 fixed ? Or does 1 reqiure 2 identical make and model cards to run them both without issue ?
  11. As long as they're both 5750's, they should work well in crossfire.

    Good luck with the 6950 replacement.
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