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So I have a HIS 6870 card and am thinking of cross firing my system. I cant find the same video card so can I just buy any 6870 Radion card and cross fire it?
This is the card I currently have
another off topic question Im thinking of maxing out RAM to 16 gigs
will I see a differents in performance from 8gigs?

System Layout

Intel i5
8 gigs of ram
Antec High Current Gamer Series HCG-750
NZXT Phantom Case
HIS 6870 Card
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  1. yes you can just get any 6870 and crossfire it.
  2. Cool thanks esrever. Would you happen to know about the RAM increase?
  3. Honestly, unless you are encoding video for hours you will notice no diffrence or even worse preformance adding the RAM.
  4. Good deal thanks for your help
  5. another thing, ensure you find a 6870 that carries the same clock speeds as your current one, or youll have to do some tweaking in ccc.

    and no, the only thing that will increase your ram performance is tighter timing and/or clock speeds. more ram just gives more space for the system to use.
  6. I was thinking of using this one with my current card.
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