Upgrade from 5770 to 6850 worth it?

I only play games like call of duty... im starting to notice my frames drop a bit but it still looks fine.
Also my processor is a amd athlon ii x4 645

I dont want to spend more than 150usd and the 6850 looks to be the best for that price range.
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  1. I think you need to go at least to a HD6870 to make the upgrade noticeable http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814161389
  2. ^^^

    I would have to agree. Overall, the HD 6850 is slower than the HD 5850 (the next card up from the HD 5770). However, it does have a better DX11 engine so in DX11 games the HD 6850 should perform a little better than the HD 5850. But in DX9 and Dx10 games, the HD 6850 a little worse than the HD 5850.

    The overall raw performance of the HD 6870 is better than the HD 5850 in all DX9, DX10, and DX11 games which makes a more ideal upgrade than the HD 6850.
  3. I agree but that card he linked has poor reviews.
    4 dollars more and 7.50 in shipping but you get dirt 3 and a better card.
    I like HIS and I am getting the IceQ version here shortly.
  4. ok, maybe ill do that... when if i just got another 5770 and put them in sli how would that compare to a 6870
  5. 2 x 5770 in Crossfire competed with HD5870 in performance so it would be better than HD6870 but would have all the dual card issues, like micro stuttering and so on.
  6. id get a 6870 at least for a worthy upgrade, better yet a 6950 on the cheap... what are your full system specs? including make and model of psu and monitors resolution...?
  7. mobo m4a89gtd pro/usb3
    cpu: athlon ii x4 645 (hopefully going to upgrade to a FX by april)
    8 gb ddr3 1333 ram
    ocz? fatal1ty 550w psu (id have to upgrade if i went sli im guessing)
    120 gb ssd
    1tb hdd
  8. Just overclock your 5770 :S
  9. amuffin said:
    Just overclock your 5770 :S

    i have before but i cant overclock it that far before i start getting artifacts and tears... when i move it back to stock speeds its fine though..
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