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Hey everyone, hope I posted this in the right forum.

Anyway, so I want to play a kind of game with all of you. Recently, as you all know the Raspberry Pi mini computer came out, and it got me interested in cheap computing. Although we will never get close to $35, (or 25), how cheap do you think you could build a respectable, full x86 (non arm) computer? We don't have to include Cases or OS's, as the common cheap computers don't have cases included and I would rather that be left up to the purchaser. Linux is what I hope to be able to run on it.

Here are my goals for all of us:
$200/150/100(maybe) build.
Size (ITX)(vesa-mounts) all bonuses, if there is a better value @ ATX or Micro ATX then fine.
Not a gaming computer, but could handle small games (minecraft) and 1080p.
CD/DVD Drives optional (I personally wont be using them)

This may sound like an HTPC budget build, but I don't see the point in restricting power consumption/noise, thus sacrificing performance.
I will be posting a build here soon, feel free to use coupons and what not.

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  1. It can't be done for $200 right now due to the HD prices the way they are. I can do a $400 budget build easily but $200 might be a huge stretch.
  2. Ok, lets cut out the HDD, I have some I can recycle, or I can boot from USB temporarily.
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