Is this cooler compitable for ivy bridge

Is this cooler (thermaltake spinq vt) compitable for ivy bridge ? thermaltake spinq vt

if yes , is it good for ivy bridge because i will overclock it to 4.6ghz
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  1. You won't be able to overclock to 4.6ghz on that heatsink.

    On Ivybridge for overclocks above 4.5ghz, you're looking at a custom watercooling loop.
  2. Is thermaltake spinq vt good or should i buy nocuta noctua nh-d14
  3. NH-D14.
  4. but , if the temprature in the room is about 17 degrees , can i overclock it above 4.5
  5. NH-D14, Phanteks PH-TC14PE or Silver Arrow for 4.5GHz+
  6. can NH-D14 fit in haf 922
  7. YES!
  8. Please check it out : ,
    And find any solution for this problem ,
    thank you for your fast response
  9. going above 4.4/4.5 requires luck in terms of the chip you get, or sub ambient cooling. Air or water has minimal effect.
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