Best Orientation for HSF in case?

I was wondering would it be better to rotate the HSF clockwise 90 degrees? I haven't tried it yet mainly I just noticed that it is not 100% aligned with the rear fan, and also it is also a pain to take off and put back on. Also, it seems as though it would eat up the only space I have for my sound card. I'm really wondering what to do here.. Please post your opinion below.

Case: HAF X
CPU/Cooler: i7 2600k w/ NH-D14

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    Don't worry, your D14's placement is fine.
    Rotating it 90degrees (clockwise), would make your D14 Using/sucking all the hot air from your GPU(s) to cool your CPU.
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  3. agree entirely, just rotated mine to that position and it dropped temps by 5C (gpu up 2 oddly). This IS counter to how the heat pipes should work, but then the gap between the pci-e slot and the fan is too small and it chokes the fan.
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