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2nd hand GTX460 no signal!

This is my first time posting on any forum, so please excuse me if I miss some things out.

I recently got a second hand EVGA GTX 460 1gb OC from an online auction site.

I have a Dell XPS 420 which had a 425w psu in it.

I installed the card and attached both 6pin power cables and I got a single beep, no signal and my computer wouldn't boot into the operating system. I figured this might be due to my power supply being under the recommended wattage so I bought a Zippy 600w psu and I'm still having the same problem.

My old card still works fine, so no problem with the motherboard.
I've tried uninstalling the old gpu drivers and still nothing.
The error code that my computers lights display translates to "Other failure" which according to dell means there is most likely a hardware failure.

Is this a common problem and is there a solution? or am I now the proud owner of a $230 paperweight.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Really sounds like you have a very expensive paperweight since you bought it for the same price as a new retail GTX560Ti.
  2. I'm from New Zealand (probably should've mentioned that haha) EVGA GTX560Ti superclocked is $440NZ
  3. Ok that makes sense then but can you return it?
  4. Depends on how honest the seller is. NZ's main auction website is pretty reliable, but you never know with people. If they can get away with selling faulty goods, then they'll usually just ignore you. The worst I can do is give the guy bad feedback with a frowny face lol
  5. there is the possibility of your GPU only having DVI-D (digital DVI) capability and your monitor being only DVI-A (anaolog dvi) capable.

    Whats the exact mdoel numbers of your monitor and your GPU?
  6. This is the auction with the gpu

    It's this card:
    But it doesn't look the same. My one may be an older model.

    My monitor is this:

    My monitor only has HDMI and VGA inputs. I've tried both and I've also tried the DVI and VGA inputs on my Dell monitor. I've tested all these combinations with both DVI ports on the card too.

    I don't think that could be the problem though because the computer fails to boot into the operating system at all.

    If I take the 6pin power plugs out of the graphics card and boot the computer it doesn't give the error beep or the error lights and continues to boot into my operating system.
    With the card fully powered it beeps once shows the error lights and doesn't boot up. Just idles for a couple minutes before repeating the beep.
  7. Unfortunately your new 600 watt PSU may not be enough to power the second card, at least according to this site
    (link was off of page one of the power supply article on January 11th if I didn't work it into the post right)
  8. Just ran my specs through that calculator and it says my minimum required is 550w
  9. Does that include having a second 460? When I look the site says have those 2 cards alone pulls 450 watts, then a motherboard adds 50 watts and a processor adds another 150 watts putting you at 650 watts while not considering any Ram, Hard drive, Dvd drives or fans.
  10. I don't have a second 460. I have 1x second-hand 460.

    Just tried a bios update and also tried booting it up with my internal card reader, dvd drive, tv card and 2nd hard drive unplugged to see if it was a power issue and still no joy :/
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    Its not the power supply! Cards DOA. Get a heat gun and take off all meltable parts and heat it way up. May be a bad solder connection. You ain't got nothing to loose.
  12. Just got a reply from the guy I bought it off and he said he'll take it back after I told him all the things I'd tried. Thank you all for your help! I now know the symptoms of a busted card!
  13. spao said:
    Just got a reply from the guy I bought it off and he said he'll take it back after I told him all the things I'd tried. Thank you all for your help! I now know the symptoms of a busted card!

    Great news! The best solution in the situation.
  14. I know... Life is a harsh mistress...
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