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Problems installing my new Video Card

I recently bought a PNY Verto GeForce 210 card but i cannot install it on my BIOSTAR A740G. The problem i am having is trying to find a setting on the bios to change the display but i thought it is possibly another problem since i cannot see anything as long as i have the video card connected.
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  1. When you have the card in is your monitor cable plug into it or did you leave it plug into the on board graphics port?
  2. ^^ either that or you have one of the rare mobos that require you to put a jumper in your first pcie slot
  3. /imanaged to find the setting and i installed the drivers for it but when i look at it on the hardware section of my pc properties it just appears as "? video Controller" im going to attempt to re install the drivers but in the meanwhile, do you think the jumper would b the problem at this point?
  4. Try drivers ; a jumper ive only seen once and drivers for the pcie slot or card ive seen many many times
  5. well i jsut reinstalled the drivers and I checkd the device manager and still "? video controller" i checkd using the DxDiag prompt but it still only shows my integrated graphics card. any further suggestions? by the way i only reinstalled the video card drivers should i try updating my mobo drivers?
  6. Have you tried mobo drivers? Also youre plugged into.the card right?
  7. you mean plugging the video card into the mobo or plugging the vga cable
  8. Both. Believe it or not a common issue is people staying plugged into the mobo port while having the gpu in.
  9. well im sure i connected it properly to the mobo because when i use the driver setup it is recognized there ad nvidia 210. now i do have a question, i had to set the display settings to using my integrated graphics card on the bios so i could isntall the drivers. the current setting is on "igfx/pci/pcie" im guessing this sets the priority of which device to use. should i switch the setting to "pcie/igfx/pci" or "pci/pcie/igfx" or do you think that would have no effect
  10. pcie/igfx/pci
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    The pcie should be the first setting. Thats should be the port youre using
  12. Sooooo it turns out i jsut had to switch it to pcie (which i had tried before) AND screw on tight the vga cable which i hadnt been doing cuz i had been having to disconect and re isntall the card several times. either way. Thank you guys soo much for all the help and patience with this newbie builder thanks a ton guys
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  14. Grats on finding the issue; glad to be of help. and have some fun!
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