Crazy temps on phenom 955 running prime 95

just ran prime 95 for 50 minutes on my phenom 955 with a stock cooler, are my temps normal?

apparently max temp for the 955 is 62 degrees Celsius =/

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  1. That's fine
  2. Pics not working man, prime will push your chip so what temps were you getting?
    I shut down if it hits 70'c but as you saw, 62'c is the 'limit'
    I also assume your not overclocking at all and are on stock voltage?
    **Edit, pic worked upon refresh as I posted.
    40'c is a high idle temp, whats your room temps there? I'd definitely look to improving your case airflow anyway
  3. He's hitting 67'c there on max Pin,
    I get stroppy when I break 50'c gaming :P
  4. yeah i should probably get an after market cooler. i was only wondering because when playing games i stutter sometimes. could high temps cause that?

    i remember when the guy that installed the cpu he used a crap load of thermal paste, some diamond company brand.

    do you guys think if i repaste thermal paste my temps will go down?

    my graphics card is fine by the way i tested it for artifating and got nothing.

    and iv got a gtx 560 ti
  5. Yes, heat can cause stuttering, I would go for an aftermarket cooler, and you'll know the pasting has been done properly then as well
    IC Diamonds a decent enough paste if thats what he used
    and has a low burn in period,
  6. yeah i think im just gonna buy some artic silver and just repaste it. i hope i dont bend any cpu's. how the hell am i supposed to get the heatsink off the cpu the guy put like a crap load onto the cpu
  7. Motopsychojdn said:
    He's hitting 67'c there on max Pin,
    I get stroppy when I break 50'c gaming :P

    67c is nothing to worry about. What seems hot to us is like a nice summer breeze to most CPUs.
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    @Ascend, undo the screws on the H/s and gently rotate it to break the seal, it should come off easily as thermal paste isn't normally adhesive.
    google 'cleaning thermal paste' and gluetube should have a billion videos on it for you,
    @Pinhead, I use 70'c as my ceiling as mentioned but I would still want as low as possible temps, I get maybe 50/52'c playing Me2 for about six hours and I rate that as hot hehe
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  10. Glad to help man, Thank you for B.a.
    let us know how you get on :)
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