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I'm building my first computer (first time building), and am not sure if I have the proper cables for a HD6970 GPU. It says that I need one 8 pin cable and one 6 pin cable. The PSU (Corsair TX-650) Only has a 6-pin and a 2-pin next to it.

What do I do.. or is this normal?
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  1. That will work the two pin makes it the 8 pin. That PSU is for a 6 pin plug for different cards and the added two pin's for your card.
  2. The 6 pin with the 2pin makes an 8 pin, so attach them both. Your PSU should have another cable with a second 6 pin, you'll need to attach that one too.
  3. Thats a 6+2 pin pcie connector, which can be used as either a 6 pin connector when the 2 pin isnt plugged in or as an 8 pin, which is when both the 6 and 2 pin connectors are plugged into the 8pin on your gpu. Plug both the 2 and 6 into your 8 pin, and then plug the 6 from the other connector into your 6. Should be goooooooood
  4. Thanks for the responses.. works gord now.
  5. Your very welcome
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