My graphic card vga is not detected

I have new xfx nvidia 9500gt graphic card (5 weaks old) which is not working recently,when the vga of graphic card connected to monitor it shows "no signal".Is it the problem of motherboard or graphics card?How can i resolve the problem.Plz Help Me!
Iam using i3 2100 processor,Asus P8 board
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  1. Power supply?
  2. Is 450w not enough?
  3. @greghome 2day i put the same graphic card in my frnd system,it works smoothly....
    So is it problem with board(Asus p8 H67)?
  4. 2. "Is this a H67 board? if it is, try connecting the display onto the onboard output to see if IGP is disabled".

    Yes. It is Asus p8 H67 board.
    when conncted to board it shows display.
    What is IGP,How to enable it?
  5. @greghome what cable are you using?
    VGA cable
  6. ya i cahangd to default every thing,still not giving display...
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