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I just got my case!! It's awesome! I was tinkering/exploring it (no mobo/cpu/gpu yet so can't do assembly..yet) and noticed a few things.

This is freakishly noob, and I have been on non-mac laptops, but I experienced mac os and hardware for awhile and in mac there was/is
power (on)

in windows and linux machiens there is
standby - where some things shutdown
hibernate - where everything in ram is stored in HD and everything shuts down
power (on)

is that true?

anyways, on my case there is one power button. great. and then another button that looks like a standby/hibernate button.

Why wouldn't they just make the power button a hybrid
if (power is off) turn on
if (power is on) hibernate or standby


very noob question, but finally getting and assembling a computer I felt I needed to stop overlooking the hibernate/standby perplexity.
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  1. most pc cases have power and reset and that's it... the hibernate stand-by function is actually part of the OS settings and you can choose within windows what the power button does...
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