Radeon hd 6670 setup 3 monitors

I have the XFX Radeon HD 6670 with 2 DVI (1 is DL DVI other is Single DVI) and 1 HDMI.
What I need to do is setup 3 DVI Monitors, each having a separate desktop.
I have a Dual Link DVI Y cable for the Dual DVI port. But when I connect the 2 Monitors on the Y cable they act as one, meaning they both have the same desktop.
No matter how I try to configure them in Windows 7 64bit or with the Catalyst software, it does the same thing.
Any help would be appreciated.

PS: Have no need for the Eyefinity software.

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  1. I believe the monitor has to be compatible with the Y cable.Just get a HDMI to DVI adapter for the other monitor and use all the ports.

    Something like this should do...

  2. I ended up pulling that card and going with a Quadro car that can do the job.

    Thanks for the replies
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